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Showcase Photography By Scott Parsons

Silent Pool Photography

Hey there, I'm Scott

Light Painting

My photography focuses on a highly unique and particularly complex style known as light painting.

By utilising a range of LED light sources, and controlling the spread, colour, and intensity of lighting, we specialise in compositing multiple base photos into a final image that presents the subject in a way that is otherwise impossible through any other photography method or style. 

My work

My work reflects my longstanding interest in high-end car, truck, and aircraft design.

Scott P.

Mercedes Benz Luxury Car Night Photo

Showcasing Prestige Car and Truck Brands

Everything that sparkles looks better at night. Agree?

Got the car of your dreams, and want it up on your wall? How about your truck? How about your fancy new private jet?

What if I told you that night time photos light up the best?

Night photography offers a THOUSAND opportunities to create stunning photos, almost regardless of the background. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!

Night Car Photos


Night Truck Photos


Day Time Vehicle Photos




Landscape Photography


Ford Shelby Mustang Racing Sponsor Decals Night Photo

My Perspective.

I’ve always loved the cars that only others could afford. I’ve always admired the lit up trucks, that others got to drive. I always dreamt of flying the aircraft that only others could. 

But now, with a creative mind, a little darkness, and some light, I can capture a moment in time, with these dreams as the subject, in a way that many others can’t. 


My toolkit is made up of top quality brands such as the Nikon Z Mirrorless camera and lenses, DJI Gimbals and Drones, GoPro and Manfrotto tripods. Quality in equals quality out.


48 hours is all I ask. With 2 days notice, and subject to the weather, I can plan your night shoot anywhere within 2 hours of the Sunshine Coast.

Fast Turnaround

Delivery times for full shoots depends on the complexity and number of final images requested. The images have an incredibly complex , yet we offer a 3 day delivery for a 4 photo shoot.

High resolution

24.5 megapixel cameras and tack sharp lenses make for incredibly clear, low noise, night time images.

Photo Prints

If you have a specific print in mind, let us know. We can organise almost any print, from glass prints to mousepads.

Post Production

We use the latest Adobe software, and all editing is done in-house. This means almost endless flexibility for you. If you want something altered, we will get straight at it.


You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel adams
Commercial Client

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my work.