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Late Night Fleet Shots

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Early on in the existence of Silent Pool Photography, I met up with a company who was also starting their own interstate delivery fleet. They had a demand for their product that existing transport couldn’t meet, and to them quality and service meant everything.

No surprises that when their company image was to be represented in their delivery fleet, they went all out on style. They stuck to their European trucks for this, and run Vawdrey Trailers to complete the look. 

Scania Transport Truck Night Photography

They splashed lights and chrome in as many places as they could, and if they were trying to make a statement, it worked.

 I worked in with the driver’s timing to get the shoots done once they were back in the yard and had the shiny parts cleaned. When stopping at the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and weather sometimes working against us, this wasn’t a straight forward task. 12:30am to shoot the new Mercedes-Benz Actros? Sure! Friday night in the pouring rain, to shoot the new Volvo on it’s first run back from Melbourne? Sure!

These images are working their way into a collage shoot for their office wall, and have been widely shared by those involved in the building of these trucks, from bullbars, to lights, and the trucks themselves.

We’re now just trying to line up the stars, and get all the trucks in one spot at one time. Wish us luck!

Volvo Transport Truck Night Photo