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Light Painting Photography

The type of photography that leaves no doubt of the luxury and style of the subject. Watch me light up your car, truck, motorbike, or aircraft, and turn it into a piece of ‘impossible’ artwork.

Check out my video on light painting to see what is involved.

Scania Transport Truck Night Photography

Daytime Vehicle Photography

There’s only so many hours in a night, and not everybody wants only night shots. So with all the same equipment, expertise, and creativity, let me use natural sunlight to turn your investment into something you can be proud of.

Dealership shoots, event photography, or carsales ads that stand out. Yes, that is possible!

Rolls Royce Ghost Luxury Car Photograph


Using equipment from trusted brand names, the creativity is endless when it comes to shooting video. Promotional videos, walk-throughs, drone videos or car showcasing are all within our capabilities.

Our Videography Services


My toolkit is made up of top quality brands such as the Nikon Z Mirrorless camera and lenses, DJI Gimbals and Drones, GoPro and Manfrotto tripods. Quality in equals quality out.


48 hours is all I ask. With 2 days notice, and subject to the weather, I can plan your night shoot anywhere within 2 hours of the Sunshine Coast.

Fast Turnaround

Delivery times for full shoots depends on the complexity and number of final images requested. The images have an incredibly complex , yet we offer a 3 day delivery for a 4 photo shoot.

High resolution

24.5 megapixel cameras and tack sharp lenses make for incredibly clear, low noise, night time images.

Photo Prints

If you have a specific print in mind, let us know. We can organise almost any print, from glass prints to mousepads.

Post Production

We use the latest Adobe software, and all editing is done in-house. This means almost endless flexibility for you. If you want something altered, we will get straight at it.

Does what I offer sound like what you're looking for?

Contact me to discuss your project or shoot. I’m very easy going, so I promise there will be no obligations or hassles after having some discussions over your ideas.

Silent Pool Photography Brochure

Access a printable brochure of my photography works as a downloadable PDF.

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