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Website Instructions and Videos

Notes for using your website:

There are a number of functions bundled with this website, to help you make the most out of it as your venture grows.

These include:

*Watermark for images
* E-commerce functionality through woocommerce – should you in the future want to be able to sell items such as digital prints direct from your site, you will be able to do this easily because woocommerce is already installed.
* Catalogue functionality through Yith – this means that products that you create will be added to your catalogue. Visitors will be able to contact you with a request for a price. This is integrated with woocommerce, so both need to remain installed.

Some key plugins included:
*WPHide – this helps to keep your site secure
* Asset Cleanup – helps to optmise page speed
* Webp – to improve page speed by compressing images at high quality

Should you need any help just email
ps – we help with SEO packages, outreach and digital marketing if you need it!

Creating a blog post
* use the wordpress editor for this
* enable visitors to comment or not via the comments control in the post menu on the right hand side (see video below)

Adding or changing images to the Gallery Page
* navigate to the Gallery Page and edit using Elementor

Using the Watermark feature
* you will need to upload your chosen watermark first. I have preconfigured the settings for you (although you can of course change these). ONce it is set up, simply navigate to the Media Library on the navigation menu, and use the bulk select drop down to apply a watermark to a single image, or all images.

Using the Catalogue function
Any item added to the catalogue is considered a “Product”
You can add products, categories and product tags using the left hand dashboard menu (Products/Add New, Categories, Tags)