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What is Light Painting?

Painting with light

Light painting is a unique photography style where a camera is set for a long exposure in a dark environment, and various elements are literally ‘painted’ with light.

Light painting covers almost anything that involves a moving light source to illuminate something  when the surrounding environment is dark. Think the fire rings around people spinning sparklers of glowing steel wool. Or picture a long exposure shot of someone waving a glow stick.

When it comes to illuminating static subject such as cars, trucks or aircraft, the results are simply mind-blowing. Whilst this style of photography is a lot more labour intensive and time consuming than conventional daylight photography, the results are worth the effort. You have a lot of flexibility in achieving the desired outcome for each final image, and creativity is endless. Specific colours or patterns can be ‘painted’ into individual shots, and added in to become part of the final image.

Typically each final shot during a night shoot involves between 10 and 20 base images. The base images are layered together to incorporate each individual section that is specifically lit up during the shoot to capture the most amount of detail possible. Once layered together, further editing steps can create specific scenes or moods for each image, meaning that each and every shot is 100% unique in its style. Personally, my natural tendency is to finish up with an image that ‘screams’ luxury. 

A lot of thought and attention goes into  designing luxury cars, and sometimes these details can get lost in daytime photography. With night time shoots, you have the ability to highlight specific features and really show them off. The choice and lighting of background all comes into play, and the choice between soft lighting and elegance, or high contrast and muscle, is simply yours to choose.

Check the video below to find out a little more of the literal process involve in producing each one of the final images I deliver.

Watch what is involved (video coming soon...)